On Friday, March 20th, 2020, in cooperation with První Saz Plzeň a.s. providing assembly work, we put the electronic interlock K-2002 into operation at the Kropáčova Vrutice railway station. It was already our 77th interlock that we have manufactured and deployed on the railway or metro during our company’s existence. The replacement of the original electromechanical security device increased safety, saved the number of operating staff and improved the working conditions of dispatchers. The installation also includes a PNS 03 axle computer, which is data-linked to the interlock using the CANDAT transmission system.

Of course, there is also comprehensive measuring and status diagnostics with remote monitoring. The system was also supplemented by the GRADO application, which ensures automatic management of transport documentation. Activation took place during the difficult time of the declared state of emergency using exceptional security measures, which made the work of all involved more difficult. For this reason, it is necessary to send big thanks to all employees of both supply companies as well as all workers of the Railway Administration.