Our company was founded in 1993. Starmon s.r.o. is a 100% Czech company with no foreign capital participation. The basis of its professional level is based on many years’ experience of workers in the field of communication and security technology and microelectronics. The company currently employs workers in various professions – locksmiths, electricians, technicians, designers, developers and managers. We offer high quality products and provide a professional service for supplied technologies. We try to prove that even a small company can participate in the competition.

The company’s management is based in Choceň, we also have another established workplace in Česká Třebová. Since its inception, the company has focused on security technology, diagnostics and passenger information systems.

It began in the field of railway security technology with the established SZZ relay. In 1996, we launched the first electronic interlock on Czech Railways – SZZK-96. Its evolution created the SZZK-98, K-2000 and K-2002 electronic interlocks. The latest K-2002 interlock is designed for small and medium-sized stations (up to fifty points). In cooperation with AŽD Praha s.r.o. we supply the ESA-11M electronic interlock to the Prague metro. The PNS-03 axle computer is another device developed by Starmon. This product has been introduced for use on the SŽDC, s.o. network since the end of 2009. For lines of all types of traction, we have introduced several types of track circuits with an electronic phase-sensitive receiver (EPSR). Compared to KO with inductive relays, they can be used to improve safety parameters and utility properties significantly (with significantly higher shunt sensitivity, significantly higher resistance to interfering reverse current, low power consumption, maintenance-free track receiver). We are currently developing security devices with electronic interfaces and data links between outdoor elements and the security device control panel under the name of SIRIUS. Its first operational applications are aimed at Ukrainian railways.

The diagnostic devices in our portfolio are now represented by the historic DIAB device, which mainly diagnosed the automatic unit track safety devices, including level crossing safety devices. Later, it developed into the entire DISTA diagnostic system, which is successfully being constantly improved. This system diagnoses all rail transport safety devices. Today, it has hundreds of deployments in our applications, but above all it has found a firm place in the ESA facility of AŽD Praha s.r.o. The ASDEK device is a special diagnostic device for diagnosing moving vehicles, that performs a preventive inspection of a vehicle chassis with a focus on the temperature and shape of railway wheelsets and in the event of faults it notifies this condition in order to prevent railway accidents.

Last but not least, there is an information device for passengers represented by a HAVIS comprehensive voice-visual device. We develop and offer information equipment for passengers, which provides up-to-date information on departures and arrivals regarding rail transport as well as for public bus and suburban transport under the name of INFOBUS.

In some cities, you can also find information kiosks called EZOP-REGIOINFO, which provide useful information about the given region and also allow the use of Internet services. We are working on a system for identifying railway wagons when passing through a certain place on the railway network by reading the wagon number with a high-speed camera and the STARCAM system’s subsequent evaluation, which enables a targeted evaluation of wagon defects, including checking the weight of loads.

Our main goal is high quality, reliability, good price and of course customer satisfaction.